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Up loading photos on facebook, Swede facebook look photos loading for phish

A variety of problems can get in the way of you posting pictures to your Facebook : a browser issue, a problem with the size or format of the photos, or even a technical fault with Facebook itself. If you're posting from a mobile device, troubleshoot the app you're using.

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You are facing Facebook crashes when ing photos, sending files, sending links and don't know how to fix this annoying error. Along refer to the following TipsMake article to find out details. There are many ways to fix and fix Facebook crashes when ing photos, sending files, sending links. The easiest way is to update to the latest version of Facebook. The situation in Facebook is slow, when loading the video to watch for a long time, even sending the error message continuously, don't know how to solve it?.

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By: Nathan Chandler. In an alternate universe, perhaps there's a version of Facebook without faces -- and that strange variant is probably the most boring Web site ever. The photos that let you share the faces of your friends and family are a key reason that Facebook is exceedingly popular. Now you just need to understand the best ways to share your photos. As with all things on the Web, there are multiple ways to accomplish Facebook-related tasks.

How to fix facebook crashes when ing photos, sending files, sending links

That includes the various methods you might employ in ing and editing pictures destined for Facebook fame. But before we get to the specifics, here are some critical reminders for anyone taking their first plunge into Facebook photo fun. For one, don't even think about ing images that you wouldn't share with every one of your friends and family. So keep those pictures of your naked, drunken self to … well, yourself. Because once that picture is online, you should always assume that it could appear anywhere else on the Web -- maybe even on your grandmother's computer screen.

Don't assume that privacy controls of any kind will protect your pictures or your reputation. With that caveat out of the way, it's simple to share pictures on Facebook. After you log in to youryou'll see your "news feed," which is a chronological list of updates, photos and links that your Facebook friends have posted.

If you simply want to post a picture to your "wall" so that it appears in your friends' "news feed," facebook "photo," which is at the top of the next to "share. With the first two options, you can immediately loading a single image on your "wall. You'll find out more about each of these tools in a moment. Keep reading, and you'll discover easy ways to edit and images to this ubiquitous social networking site. There are a lot of ways to prepare your images for Facebook.

Perhaps the one tip, however, is to be savvy about the way you use the site's photo features.

My facebook isn't letting me post pictures

Keep in mind that loading people don't view Facebook as an exclusively photo-oriented site. So if you want to share 7, images of every moment of your trip to Mount Rushmore, the photos to a site such as SmugMug or Flickr and facebook share the link to those images on Facebook -- don't overload your friends with massive and potentially tears-of-boredom-inducing albums containing zillions of vacation pictures.

As for the photos themselves, there are many ways you can jazz up your pictures to make them more Facebook-worthy. If not, you don't need to spend any money on special programs. Instead, simply search the Web for free picture editors. With some of these programs, you don't even need to install software on your computer. For example, LunaPic and Picnik are free online editors. You can images to the sites, tweak features like color, contrast and brightness, or even add dozens of special effects.

Then you can save the picture directly to your hard drive or, in some instances, share it directly to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. For now, we'll assume that you're saving edited images to your computer. Once your masterpieces are complete, you can begin transferring them to your Facebook. There are numerous ways to pictures to Facebook. Not only does the site itself provide more than one way to add pictures, but there's also a deluge of third-party apps and programs with Facebook photo features. These are for both photo computers and dozens of types of mobile devices, like smartphones.

Let's start with one of the fastest options. Select " a photo from your drive," browse to the folder containing the pictures you want toand double-click on the one you want. In the text box, you can add a comment about the photo before you post it.

Detailed instructions on how to put a picture on facebook

Next to the "share" button, you can also click the padlock symbol to reveal a drop-down menu that allows you to control which groups of friends see this particular image. This option works for single images only, but there are other methods for ing a lot more photos to Facebook -- and without so much labor. On the nextwe'll show you how.

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Facebook recently changed its photo viewer to a new version that displays individual images on a black background. Hate it? When you click on an image, hit the F5 button to reload the. The black background disappears and displays the picture the old-fashioned way. You already know how to use the " from your drive" feature to zip a single image to Facebookbut let's back up for a moment.

When you follow the instructions on the and see the "choose file" button, you'll also notice an option called " via e-mail.

No slideup

When you create a new e-mail with a photo or video attachment and send it to this address, Facebook will post the image or video to your. These options are great for a photo or two, but you can also and organize many photos at once. Click "create an album" and then choose "select photos. If you encounter problems, click on the link for the "basic er" and then you can choose up to five images for simultaneous transfer.

Once you click "select photos," choose the folder with the images you want.

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You can select multiple photos up to by holding down the Ctrl key while you click the desired images. Next, press the Enter key or hit the OK button. Then you can type a name for your album and the location where the pictures were taken, as well as specify whether you want to high- or standard-resolution images.

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Unless you're using Facebook as a repository for your pictures, pick the standard-resolution option, as it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to finish the transfer. You can also choose which groups of friends you want to have access to the album. After you create the album, Facebook will prompt you to tag, or name, the people in your images. When you begin typing the first letters of the name of one of your Facebook friends, the rest will automatically appear.

Facebook is also able to recognize the same person person in multiple photos, in essence tagging friends for you automatically. When it comes to tagging, be kind and be cautious. Don't and tag pictures of your photos in compromising situations. Facebook makes it easier than ever before to humiliate your loadings, but keep in mind that even in the digital age, what goes around, comes around.

You can also skip tagging altogether, which your friends might very well appreciate. Pictures tell a story that words cannot. From distant family to your flurry of online-only friends, pictures are the reason people check Facebook status updates obsessively and stay in touch with people they'd otherwise lose track of.

So with caution in mind, go crazy with Facebook photos, and share stories for all your friends to see. Mobile Newsletter banner close. Mobile Newsletter chat close. Mobile Newsletter chat dots. Mobile Newsletter chat facebook. Mobile Newsletter chat subscribe.

Internet Tips. How to Photos on Facebook. You can immediately a single photo by choosing an image from your hard drive.

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Other options let you many pictures at once. Facebook's Old Photo Viewer. ing and Tagging Facebook Photos " ". Choose your images carefully, and tag them nicely.

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Sources Facebook Help Center. June 11, June 20, July 23, Cite This!

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