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Mens unusual wedding rings, Swede wedding rings men Mens for strangets

The BEST! British made mens, and womens unusual, unique and alternative wedding rings all deed and made here in the UK from titanium, zirconium, gold, silver, steel or wood. We have carefully chosen a wide variety of quirky style wedding ring choices, from chunky stainless steel and titanium to the precious metals of gold and silver, so you should find a wedding ring here to fit your taste.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. However, rings can sell out as many are one-of-a-kind creations by artisan jewelry makers. Made in the USAthese baseball and basketball-themed gold wedding band des have a classic appeal. Available in three colors of 14K gold, this stylish band will stand the test of time. The ruggedness of the ring is evident and should appeal to a ring buyer with a love for unique jewelry.

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Assuming he is not a regular wearer of rings it can be tough to find something that he will wear for years to come.

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A groom should think long and hard about what wedding band he will put on his finger since it is the only piece of jewelry many men will always wear. Educating yourself about the different metals is the first step in finding the perfect wedding band.

Find your perfect alternative wedding rings

This might have been true before so many alternative metals were introduced, but finding the right metal that fits your needs requires some more research. Certain materials possess properties that make them ideal for men in certain careers while others offer a more traditional look. In addition to traditional precious metals, such as silver and platinum, here are some of the other metals you may want to consider. The most traditional and longest standing metal used for the wedding band is sterling silver.

Newest jewellery & rings

Silver is a softer metal than gold, titanium, tungsten, and platinum and does not have the hardness that the other metals do. It is popular within jewelry as it is very malleable and one of the most inexpensive precious metals.

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The downside of silver wedding bands is that it scratches more easily and it will tarnish over time. Silver is also mostly worn occasionally and is not generally recommended for everyday wear over an extended period of time. Gold is soft, dense and the most malleable pure metal out there. When using pure gold for wedding bands they offer a very attractive shine and bright color. The most commonly used carats for wedding bands are 9k, 14k and 18k and the rule is: the higher the proportion of gold used the more valuable the ring will be.

Celtic rings

The most popular colors for a wedding band are yellow gold, followed by white gold and rose gold though other gold colors like bronze, red and lime gold are sometimes used. Platinum is a very dense, heavy metal, so a platinum ring will feel heavier than an 18ct gold ring.

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Not only the weight is twice as big but the price is also ificantly more expensive than gold. All other things being the same, a platinum ring will be approximately twice the price of an 18k white gold ring and the selection of platinum wedding bands for men is generally smaller than gold or titanium rings.

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Titanium among the hardest natural metals in the world and lasts forever, even when worn daily. The popularity of titanium wedding bands for men is due to this durability, its lightweight, low maintenance and the reasonable price.

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Titanium is normally greyer in color but offered in a wide array of colors. One factor to consider with titanium is that titanium cannot be soldered, which means that titanium rings cannot normally be resized. Tungsten wedding bands for men have become popular due to their wedding and strength. Rings made of this metal are the ring scratch resistant in the world and do not bend, making them ideal for any man who works with their hands.

Tungsten has a grey-white color, similar to that of white gold or titanium. Tungsten rings also have a permanent polish which makes them look new, bright and shiny. Tungsten is less expensive than gold and platinum and is comparable in price to titanium. One problem that some people find with these rings is the weight since it is very heavy and it cannot be resized. Compared to tungsten and titanium, cobalt chrome is one of the newest alternative metals. In its natural state, cobalt has been used to provide a deep blue pigment to jewelry.

It is one of the lighter metals, yet very strong which makes it highly resistant to scratching and wear. Cobalt is unusual malleable and can be worked into a vast array of unique styles. Stainless steel wedding bands for men are not as common as other metal rings. The benefit of stainless steel is that you do not have to worry about smudges or stains on the metal and it, therefore, has fairly low maintenance which makes it more appealing to men.

Here some other Mens and upcoming materials that are being used now to create unique rings that guys rock at their wedding. Palladium is a white precious metal and part of the platinum group of metals, popular for its natural white color which does not tarnish. It has a darker, grayer tone than platinum. Ceramic is very cost-effective and durable.

A. unique men’s gold bands

Ceramic rings offer a unique yet versatile alternative to standard metallics. Woodeither on its own or combined with other metals, such as gold or platinum, polished wood can be crafted into a stunning wooden wedding band for men. The downsides are that it is far more vulnerable to damage and destruction than a metal ring, it has no intrinsic value and is difficult to clean.

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However, the jewelry terminology can be from another world and the seemingly endless range of rings can make it hard to know where to start and what de to choose. It is important you know what to look for since you will be wearing your wedding band for a lifetime. It is appropriate to choose a ring that fits your lifestyle, personality, is comfortable to wear and fits within the budget.

For those seeking a traditional metal: platinum, gold, and palladium are always timeless choices.

Wooden rings

When looking for an alternative material that offers superior strength then consider titanium, tungsten, palladium or ceramic. Do you prefer a classic white metal look at a contemporary price than cobalt chrome, silver, and white tungsten rings are perfect options?

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Many men are mainly concerned that a wedding band will not be comfortable to wear but they can be if you know what you are looking for. The shape determines how comfortable the ring will feel around your finger. There are various factors and options to take into considerations when looking for the perfectly shaped wedding bands:.

When considering the width of the wedding band for your men, factors to consider are pretty much the size and length of your fingers. Often men with larger hands or longer fingers choose a slightly wider band.

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Men with smaller hands or tender fingers tend to choose a 5mm ring or a slightly narrower ring. The classic gold wedding ring may appeal to the no-fuss kind of guy, nothing too chi-chi for him. Simple metal wedding bands for the simple guy and there are plenty of those out there as you have seen from above. You should consider the type of work that you do and the sports you play if considering gemstones. Gemstone settings, like the morganite ring or opal ring, can be affected and the risk of a gemstone being lost will be increased if the ring is knocked around through manual labor, sporting activities or any kind of rough contact.

When considering heavier lifestyle factors and ring des you should note that a woven, puzzle or heavily patterned ring could be damaged while playing a sport or in environments where manual labor with your hands is more prominent.

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Heavy rings like palladium, cobalt, tungsten or stainless steel rings might be more appropriate. You can make them unique by customized patterns; two-tone ring with a combination of metal types, woven or wavering styles.

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Traditionally men preferred simple gold wedding bands to symbolize their love. Though over the last 15 years men have increasingly been moving away from the traditional gold wedding ring towards something a little different. You should note that, except for tungsten wedding bands, metals will scratch. Never use a toothbrush to just your band unless if you are asking for scratch marks to come all over it. Many of us have made that mistake, so to prevent that happening we have provided a couple of quick solutions for at-home care rather than going out of your way to the jeweler.

These tips include all gold, platinum, silver, and titanium. However, you can always keep them shining by polishing them with a soft cloth or by having it done by your local jeweler. We suggest that you polish these rings every 12 months.

At-home care for your wedding bands is actually quite simple. Below you will see some tips that are easy, affordable, and will maintain that sparkle just as bright as the day you bought them.

Your engagement ring

A lot of readers us asking us for much-needed advice and questions on wedding bands and rings for me. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions for you below so you do not have to go through the hassle of ing us! If you really are looking to go full-out and accessorize yourself for any big day, make sure to have a look at these unique watches for men and other accessories to accompany your new ring!

Which of these rings was your favorite? Did you purchase it? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Hey Fashion Enthusiasts! My wife Chantal and I, have been so fortunate to be able to share our latest inspiration and trends in the jewelry and accessory industry, and more so, to get this amazing feedback from our ever growing community. Where my wife focusses more on all things rings, weddings and female jewelry, I love to scoop out the newest accessories for men. I always commit to doing a lot of research to share my reviews and personalized advice on this blog or on our store. If you do not know what to wear, send me an and I will help you out!

For the hero and the lover

Well, I would say that stainless steel jewellery is actually now on-trend because all youngsters follow this jewellery as the want. Shop Now. Homemade Jewelry Cleaner. Generally, couples shop together for their wedding rings and then decide if you buy them together or buy them for each other.

Even with many new metals for a wedding band introduced over the past years wood, ceramicthe classic gold wedding band for men is still the all-time favorite!

Top selling men's bands

After that, Platinum, Palladium and Tungsten have become increasingly popular among men due to their favorable characteristics. Rings made of Tungsten are 4x harder than Titanium and 10x times stronger than gold rings. Tungsten rings for men will not scratch or bend making the perfect for men who use their hands a lot. John Hutchinson. Related Posts.