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Can you have sex with someone for years without dropping the L-bomb or calling what you have a relationship? For some people, the answer is yes, yes, yes. I t is 30 years since the release of When Harry Met Sally.

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The advisable things to say and do when a man or woman's interest in you is expressly sexual and nothing more. Because there seems to be a willingness on the part of everyone [women, especially] to hear a clear expression of intent when someone starts hovering over their space, it's becoming commoner by the day to see people open up about their real interests even when these do not really toe the line of the traditional relationship that society is familiar with. So, while a guy's interest in a babe would 'normally' be to woo her, date her, get her into a relationship with him and do relationship things with the intention of getting married somewhere down the line, things are not very much the same anymore. While there are still relationships like this, we're seeing more people being just content to do all these relationship things, including sex, without any intention to be committed to each other in any way, let alone marry. However, this only works best when both the guy and the babe are on the same about the whole thing from the onset.

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No, you should not have to be romantically and sexually interested in a guy to have sex with them. It is absolutely okay to have an interest in being sexual with others but not romantic ; to want sexual interactions or relationships but not romantic ones.

Here's why some guys only want sex & not relationships, according to an expert

You sound clear about your own feelings and wants right now: you make clear that you're not feeling or wanting romance right now, and that right now what you are interested in are sexual interactions or relationships without romance. There isn't anything wrong with that: those are things people get to want and not want, in general or in more specific ways, some of the time or all of the time.

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There's not some kind of romance requirement for people to have sex unless anyone involved in the equation themselves has that requirement. No biggie. Would that it were so easy though it would probably also be a lot less interesting! Of course, for some people, feeling — or having mutual feelings or intentions of — what they identify as romantic feelings, or feelings of love for someone is essential or preferred if they're going to have sex with someone.

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For others, that doesn't matter, or might even be something that person, like you right now, expressly doesn't want. Neither of these poles — or anything else between or around them — are universally right or wrong for everyone, nor are they ways of going about sex that are always all good or all bad for everyone.

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Just like how and what people like to eat, or what kinds of families people want to make for themselves, what people want in all the ways when it comes to sexual interactions and relationships varies. It wouldn't be surprising if you'd gotten the message that it's not okay, though, especially for women. And goodness knows, especially for young women, who are often expected to somehow be both the soft romantic doyenne and a demon in the sack talk about some impossible multitasking.

On the whole, in a lot of culture, media, and community, people are also often disapproving of sex without romance. Even when people are a little more tolerant, it often skews to what benefits men: men are "excused" a bit more for casual, or non-romantic, sex than women are.

Lookie here:

Women can sometimes be afforded some cultural okay for sex without romance, but most often only are when that, too, fits what men want. Women are still so barely, when they are at all, generally accepted and embraced when it comes to wanting and choosing sex on their own terms, most certainly if that involves eschewing romance. Sometimes someone starts out not wanting romance or having those feelings, but later develops those feelings and finds their wants change: what we or others want can be pretty fluid sometimes.

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Is that okay with you? And if when you talk about what you want, anyone sounds super flippant about it, or maybe even a little too gung-ho, you might want to give that a second thought, too.

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Oh, how I wish someone had told me that when I was younger. At least I can tell you.

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If anyone gets angry with you or tries to shame you about not wanting romance? Thus, my advice about sprinting in the very-much-away direction. I obviously don't think what you want is bad.

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But even if I did, that shouldn't matter much to you, because this is all about what you think and feel and want and what is going to wind up working for you, not me or anyone else. Both those things are pretty universally bad for everyone.

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Making Choices About Casual Sex. I get it. And it can feel confusing, just plain awful sometimes, and even unsafe, to be on the outside of what's culturally sanctioned sexually. The why of the cultural norms and ideals we have in this department are vast, but generally have a whole lot more to do with social power and control of certain groups to primarily benefit other groups than it does with healthy, happy and enjoyable sex and sexuality for everyone.

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But even when we intellectually know better about the fallacy of norms and cultural ideals, we still might second-guess ourselves or doubt our own wants and valid and okay. Heck, these ideas are so sticky, that even when you have life experiences to validate that what you wanted is actually what's right for you, and ahave seen it turn out to be great for you and other people, without some big message that what we are doing is okay, the way people having sex in romance tend to get it, you still might feel like your wants aren't okay.

So, before I send you off into your pursuit of exactly the kind of sexual life you want, I figure the least I can do is at least give you my blessing.

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There really should be some sort of torch passed down from one of us to another in this arena, like when people pass wedding dresses down from one married person to another about to marry… except exactly the opposite of that. Like knighting, maybe. Or something some highly dedicated renegade aunt or another might even cross-stitch on a throw pillow. May your sexual choices provide you and others with joy and a feeling of rightness for years to come.

Do long-term, no-strings sex arrangements ever work?

And may you do a happy wiggle dance just at the thought, because sex is, after all, supposed to be fun. Is it bad that I want sex but not a romantic relationship? I've been talking on and off with many guys. A lot of them are sexually and romantically interested in me. I am sexually interested in them but have no romantic interest in them.

I have no interest in being in a relationship but do want to be sexually active. Is that bad?

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Should I have to be both romantically and sexually interested in a guy to have sex with them? May your sex life be as footloose and free as you want it to be; May your sexual choices provide you and others with joy and a feeling of rightness for years to come; May all of the sexual experiences you pursue and are part of be centered in you; And may you do a happy wiggle dance just at the thought, because sex is, after all, supposed to be fun.

Untangling a Gender, Attraction and Relationships Tangle.

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