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Dating a firefighter is hard, I'd like found somebody hard loves firefighter

Check it out and add your own thoughts in the comments.

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We are a stubborn breed, but manage to get home safe far more often than not. Firefighters are a unique breed all our own and, as such, have certain cultural expectations of our spouses. It can be a real challenge to adapt to but, in the end, you'll be glad you did.

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Check out our interviews and discover the beautiful and sometimes ugly truth behind being married to some of the hardest-working people around! Justin and I met on the dating app, Bumble, in February of We went hiking up at Mt. Charleston in the snow for our first date. After that we went on a couple of more dates sporadically throughout the year until we decided to make it official in October of I told him my life plan career, marriage, kids, etc. I already had my Doberman puppy when we met and we adopted a boxer together.

By August of we had our first son, Levi. We tied the knot in April and had our second boy, Maverick, in June What was your impression of firefighters before you married one? How has it changed? My father is a firefighter for Henderson Fire, so I am very familiar with firefighters and this lifestyle. The amounts of days I have my husband home at a time, and also the alone time I have to go about my day at my pace when he is at work.

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Before kids, there was nothing hard about it. Now that kids are involved it is hard to have my husband gone days at a time. It is hard to see my children grow so quickly and know their dad may miss out on such pivotal moments first word, first step, etc. It is hard to watch my kids wake up and look for their dad in the morning. It is already challenging to raise children, but then you add raising children with someone who has a completely different upbringing or may have different styles in doing things.

Then adding the factor of one parent gone days at a time for work. It becomes a challenge when my husband comes home and wants to the run things a certain way the kids or I may not be used to. What is a common myth or misconception about firefighters, and about being married to one? If you could give one piece of advice to someone dating or about to marry a firefighter, what would it be?

If you are not comfortable being alone then marrying a firefighter may not be the best thing to do. My father and I are very close, and he prepared me for this. JP has been with the department since He has been a captain for five years. I call him my professional student since he has been studying nonstop since we met. We started dating inand shortly after, he deployed to Iraq in when our daughter was four months old.

What to expect when marrying a firefighter

He returned soon after her first birthday. We finally moved in together in Our secret got out and people were not happy with us, so we had a party for all in April Together, we have three. I am the bonus mom of our two older kids: a year-old son Chandin, and our year-old daughter Cierra. She and her husband blessed us with our first grandson Nixon. Next, we have our youngest daughter, year-old Ryein. Those two are thick as thieves.

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Now that JP finally retired after serving 23 years in the military eight with the Coast Guard and fifteen with the Navy Reserves we make it a habit to get out of the heat to ride our RZR and camp as much as possible. I never really thought much of firefighters as being someone I would date. I only knew firefighters were the brave ones who ran into a building when everyone was running out.

They were who you called for an emergency. I rarely came in contact with firefighters. Then I met JP. Being together with my firefighter started off hard. Once I figured out the routine, it became a more manageable cycle. I learned to be flexible when making family arrangements because we knew things could change on a dime.

I learned firsthand what it’s really like to date a firefighter

I schedule things around my life, and if he could go, that was a bonus. These issues were very challenging in the beginning, but we have learned to roll with the flow. Always plan for the worst and be grateful when things work out. So, the kids and I would go to Magic Mountain almost every month because of his military drill weekend. It gave JP and Chandin time to relax, and we had free doggy care. I found something the girls and I liked together, and it was our treat.

But it gave us all time to unwind. The girls and I had a blast, and JP had time to himself, which was very rare. People tease firefighters about laying in recliners all day just waiting on a call. That is the biggest lie ever told.

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Firefighters are busy all the time. JP started at Station 4 when we first met. I was lucky enough to do several ride-a-longs before that privilege was taken away.

I was able to see first-hand some of the calls they ran, and that was an eye-opener. Then he bid station 43 for few years and then bid Station 1B for ten years. Station 1B life is hectic. There are calls to run, rigs to clean, station chores to get done, meals to cook, training classes, PT happening, and the rings and bells going off all day and night. When JP gets home, it is quiet time. When the kids were younger, I would take them and do things out of the house to keep the house calm and peaceful. Firefighters might be home for a few days in a row, but on those days, anything can happen.

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If they are at busy stations, most like to come home and rest for a few hours, especially after working 48 hours or maybe longer. So, you lose a day to sleep, but life continues. If I were to give one piece of advice out to someone newly dating or getting married to a firefighter, it would be two things: One, your firefighter makes decisions all day long at work again or 48 or more hours ; they just want to turn their brains off when they arrive home.

Second, give your firefighter space. When he gets off shift he needs some quiet time to settle down, so keep the honey-do lists until day two. I wish someone sat me down when I first met JP and gave the ugly truth of what it is truly like being with someone who has this job. I had to make many decisions on my own, make all the arrangements, and figure out how to get things done without calling him several times a day.

So far, it seems I have made mostly the right decisions. Sometimes I made the wrong ones, and we are ok with that.

What is it like to be the spouse of a firefighter?

I did the best I could. I have an extended family of people who have our back when we need it. So, embrace your fire family and be grateful you have them because they are a network of extraordinary people. We vacation together, we watch our kids grow up together, we do family outings, and one of my cherished moments are my monthly lunches and wine dates with the other fire wives.

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We will have been married for 4 years in June. We met in Spokane, WA back in October I was teaching preschool and he was going to school to become a PA. We both just happened to download Tinder and swiped right on each other. He invited me for afternoon coffee, but I had a kid wreak havoc on my classroom that day so I asked if we could instead go to my favorite local bar and get a drink because I needed it.

I knew he was a keeper.

I have two uncles who are police officers, so I assumed they were just like them: big personalities, funny and with slight egos. The only thing that has changed is I realized firefighters treat each other as their second family so they create these incredibly tight knit groups. The schedules!

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